Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

email maarketing for small businessEmail marketing seems to have developed a bad reputation in many small business circles, as perhaps ill-informed business owners confuse it with SPAM.

Of course proper email marketing, well executed is firstly about as far away from spam emailing as you can get, and two, is still a highlky effective marketing methodology, and often way under utilised by most SME’s.

Cloud-based accounting software Xero, have published here a useful guide to email marketing for SME’s which covers:

Brisbane Tax Accountants recently published a useful article entitled “What Small Businesses Need To Know About Email Marketing

This article suggests:

An email marketing system makes it incredibly simple. They can automate most of the process for you and deliver professional looking content.

The key to email marketing systems is having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with an Auto Responder.

In the article the author mentions several suggestions for autoresponders such as Mailchimp but that is not really a CRM as well.  Two systems that do have CRM’s are Infusionsoft (pretty expensive and complex, but is probably the Rolls Royce level choice!) and Ontraport but there are many others as well.

One important aspect neither of these guides seems to mention is the importance of the subject line.  I see WAY too many businesses send out emails with the headline:  “Newsletter – May 2016”, or similar.  Boring boring!

The subject is THE KEY to getting a good open rate, and without your company’s email broadcasts being opened, they aren’t doing anyone any good!

Finally, below we have included some podcast episode Show Notes pages from ConversionCast, the conversion podcast of LeadPages.  These pages provide some really interesting case studies about increasing conversions with email marketing:

Getting a 300% increase in sales with email marketing:

How DigitalMarketer tripled click through rates:

How one blogger boosted revenue per email by 5X: