Business Predictions for 2016 recently posted an article of 44 business predictions for 2016.

busiens predictions for 2016

While some of them are a little on the lame side, here is a sample of a few which are interesting:

“On-demand delivery and logistics will expand to small businesses”

New on-demand delivery and logistics services will emerge during 2016 to meet the ever increasing requirements of online shopping and fast food ordering and services like UberRush and Amazon Flex

Same-day delivery and cross-border selling will expand

This is a continuing reflection of the online selling platform and marketplace that we seeing growing like wildfire not only across nations like Australia and United States & the UK but indeed globally and across international borders generally, so the reason that these sorts of services will be springing up will obviously be to meet these kinds of needs. These kinds of logistical challenges present all sorts of difficulties for logistics providers but it’s exciting to see some innovative entrepreneurial solutions surface, as the demand for these sorts of services continues to increase in 2016 and beyond.

More businesses will come up for sale as Baby Boomers look to retire

And for sure we do know about the demographics of the baby boomer generation who are in their stage of life where they have accumulated significant wealth and built in many cases significant businesses, so the advice here is that if you do have a business you may want to think about selling it sooner rather than later before the number of business coming on the market reduces capital value.

Despite increasing internet connections, human connection remains the most important

This is an interesting at prediction and certainly has a lot of truth. We can see that from The massive rise of social media the fundamental human need for connection is not going away however there is only so much connection need that an online platform can provide and particularly in a business environment the challenges challenges facing us going into 2016 is how can we meaningfully increase the human connection or at least the perceived human connection or ways of customising personalised human connection through our various marketing and selling channels

Small businesses should tighten cybersecurity in anticipation of more cyberattacks

And again this prediction is closely linked to the massive rise of the commerce and the way in which we are living our lives more and more online one of the most important ways for small businesses of course is to look at the security of their website and all of their online communication and storage methodologies such as email and cloud based storage we recommend small businesses engage experts to address these issues proactively rather than waiting until it’s too late!

You can read more of the 44 small business predictions in the original article here: