My “Non-Disposable Appliance Repair” Experience!

Recently I had a problem with my front loading Bosch washing machine.   To get help with getting it fixed I turned to Dr. Google and found that the nearest appliance repair service to me was Sentinel Appliance Repair.

I was happy because I’d read that more and more appliances are becoming disposable and local appliance repair shops were becoming harder to find.

I must admit it does seem crazy that the expertise these sorts of guys have accumulated over many years, or, I guess even decades, is being overlooked.  Instead consumers are just going out and getting a new one.  Not for me – I was pretty happy with my WM.

These guys seem to cover most areas around San Antonio, and I was pleased that they mentioned Bosch on their website as one of the brands they knew.

The experience didn’t disappoint, and my machine is now back in business!

bosch washing machine front loader - needing repair

It was interesting chatting to the technician and he shared the frustration about the “disposable appliance” mentality.  He said their company encourages people to first try a repair as ultimately it can save a lot of money.

I got the whole but from him that people need to check whether the appliance service is certified and has a valid license, to check their experience and reviews and consider if they offer emergency services …  all the good ‘ole fashioned service-based business stuff.  Good on him! I was already sold… but he was a friendly guy and obviously knew his stuff.

For me, I was happy to not have been joining the ranks of the disposable appliance consumerist club!

I do wonder if the big appliance manufacturing companies build in obsolescence?  I’m sure they do.  Maybe it makes sense form a shareholder return perspective but certainly not from a sustainable contribution to the planet!